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26th Feb 2013

“Security Obsessed” Cruise Hires Body Double For Daughter Suri… And They Seem To Be Friends

The actor has reportedly talked with a kidnapping specialist...

Suri Cruise has a doppelganger as a result of her over-protective dad, the New York Daily News has reported.

The child looks eerily similar to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri and has been spotted shadowing Suri and her mum. The little girl’s oddly similar movements are making some suspect that dad Tom has hired a body double for his daughter over security concerns.

Suri was picked up by her mum Katie Holmes Friday after school in a black SUV, and then they made their way to their Chelsea home, “trailed, as they always are, by photographers,” wrote the Daily News.

Soon the mom and daughter re-emerged, getting back into the black SUV and heading downtown, presumably to Greenwich Street’s sandwich café.

But somewhere along the way, the vehicle stopped at a police station and a child who could have been Suri’s twin got out. She was wearing a coat identical to Suri’s puffy down one, as well as the same black leggings and Ugg-like brown boots with pink soles.

Her long brown hair was Suri-like and she tried to hide her face as photographers who assumed she was Suri tried to snap some photos.

Moments later, the real Suri Cruise pulled up to the side entrance of the TriBeCa building that houses the sandwich cafe. Suri and her nanny swooped inside swiftly.

“The identity of Suri’s alleged double wasn’t immediately known and it’s not clear if her duties extend to being TomKat’s daughter’s playmate,” the newspaper wrote.

But the little imposter is apparently friendly with Holmes, who was photographed talking to her a month earlier.”

Sources said that Cruise has a “mania for security,” asking for the names of all of Suri’s playmates so that he can check them out before his daughter visits.

The sources also claimed Tom Cruise has increased security around his daughter and spoken with a kidnapping specialist.


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