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28th Nov 2023

Love Island’s Sammy Root opens up about split from Jess Harding

Anna Martin

love island jess harding Sammy root

Sammy Root has spoken about his split from Jess Harding.

Though we’re used to seeing A LOT of drama from former Love Island couples as soon as they part ways, it seems these two have kept things super civil.

Sammy and Jess called it quits in October, just weeks after winning the hit dating show.

Though the two were relativity quiet about the reason for their breakup, the reality star is ready to speak about the end of their time together.

love island jess harding Sammy root
Credit: Getty

Speaking to The MailOnline, Sammy explained: “I think what a lot of people don’t understand is that you are going from a sheltered villa with around 10 people in it to the whole world in your ear.

“You receive messages, people talk about you, people make up things and get involved.

“When you come out and you’re trying to work on your own career, all of this put together, it is hard to still have a nice, easy-going relationship and I think sometimes it just affects you a little bit.

“So yeah, I think that’s where it was, but there’s no blame on anyone,” he concluded.

love island jess harding Sammy root
Credit: Getty

When Sammy was asked if he was ready to get back out into the dating world, the 22-year-old admitted that he wanted to take some time to himself first.

“I mean, I’m literally just working on myself, trying to better myself, and that’s all I’m really caring about,” he said.

“I’m fresh out of a breakup. I’m not really looking to get into another one or anything, I’m literally just working on my career right now and trying to have a bit of fun in the meantime as well.”