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29th Jun 2012

Ryan Gosling vs Ryan Reynolds

If you had to choose between the gloriously sexy Ryan Gosling and the incredibly hot Ryan Reynolds, who would you pick?

Rebecca says: Ryan Gosling

I only have to say two words that will end this debate right here and now: The Notebook.

Don’t get me wrong, Ryan Reynolds does have a certain level of attractiveness what with his handsome looks and cheeky humour.

But Ryan Gosling is off the scale in every sense of the word. I mean when I look at him it actually makes me want to cry. And when I think about him in The Notebook, it does make me cry. In it he’s like the perfect man.

While I’m fully aware that his character is fictional I just can’t help but believe that in real life Ryan Gosling would be like Noah. He would wait for the love of his life. And build her a house. And kiss her in the rain. And tell her about their life together just so that she remembered for one second…  I’m sorry I’m going to have to get a tissue…

Believe it or not but my crush on Ryan Gosling started long before The Notebook came out. My friend and I discovered him in a Canadian television series called Breaker High which was shown back in the late 90s.

In it he had curtains and was a little, okay much, skinnier than he is now but still had that irresistible smirk and strong jaw. Then he got muscles, a bit of stubble and a haircut. And boy did it make a difference!

Just when I thought my obsession couldn’t get any worse Crazy, Stupid, Love came out. You know exactly where I’m going with this: the scene where he takes his top off and re-enacts the Dirty Dancing. I mean how could you not fall for him? I would have given anything to be Emma Stone at that moment.

As far as I’m concerned nobody else stands a chance. And even if he decided to grow back those god-awful curtains from his days in Breaker High, I still would!


Amy says: Ryan Reynolds

When it comes to the battle of the Ryans, there will always be one clear winner in my mind. Ladies, have you seen Ryan Reynolds lately?

If it’s been awhile since your eyes gazed upon his overwhelming beauty, I must insist that you get yourself to Google and do a search right this instant!

Oh Ryan Reynolds. How I love him. I love him so much that there isn’t even a word in the English language that can properly convey the sheer weight of my affections for him.

Ryan Reynolds is (and I’m sure most of you will agree with me when I say this) the hottest thing to come out of Canada since, like, ever.

Just look at that mischievous smile, those gorgeous eyes and who can forget that absolutely ripped body?

Girls, let’s face it. Ryan Reynolds is an absolute ridebag. Forgive my lack of composure, but I would happily be all over him like vinegar in a bag of chips. Ahem…

Yes, ever since I came across him in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place back in the day on Nickelodeon, I’ve been hooked.

He makes me laugh, he’s gorgeous and the best thing about him? He’s not afraid to completely make fun of himself. Remember his geeky transformation for the comedy Just Friends? Hilarious.

And he has an Irish ancestry. Oh yes. As if you needed another reason to love him, right?

He’s also an amazing actor. He’s starred in some pee-your-pants-funny comedies, a huge blockbuster (Green Lantern, hello?) and he got our hearts pounding in the Amityville Horror. Ryan is clearly adaptable and can I just mention that he has a heart of gold too?

 In 2008 he ran the New York City Marathon for his dad, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Amazing, right?

Yes, in the battle of the Ryans there can clearly only be one winner and I definitely believe that if it’s a case of Gosling or Reynolds, Reynolds will win every single time.