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14th Aug 2012

Russell Brand Admits he Tried to get “Drugs” off David Beckham…

The comedian asked the footballer if he could recommend something for the pain in his back and asked him if he had any injections lying around.

When Russell Brand isn’t busy annoying his ex-wife Katy Perry by revealing intimate details about their failed marriage, he’s off approaching sports stars for drugs, apparently.

The Irish Independent reports that Russell has joked that he approached David Beckham and asked him for some drugs to help him cope with his sore back.

Russell, who is a former drug addict, said that he asked David his opinions about pain relief when the two of them were busy rehearsing for Sunday night’s Olympic Closing Ceremony.

“It was a bit of a moment actually, doing the Olympics rehearsals down at the old Ford plant in Dagenham. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago I was knocking about down there looking for mischief,” said Russell, speaking to The Sun newspaper.

“I was speaking to David Beckham, who was there with his lovely wife Victoria, and I was asking him about pain relief for a bad back. I’ve got this pain in my lower back and I asked him if he had one of those injections for the pain when he was playing. He said I needed was a massage, but he wasn’t exactly offering,” Russell added.

David Beckham told Russell that all he needed was a massage.

While it is unclear if David eventually coughed up any “drugs” for Russell to take, all we know is that the pair were in good form for the closing ceremony at the weekend.