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23rd Jul 2012

RTÉ’s Miriam O’Callaghan Has Always had Trouble “Getting the Babies Out”

The mom of eight says she said she has a history of problematic pregnancies.

RTÉ’s Miriam O’Callaghan said she has never had an easy time giving birth.

Speaking to TV Now magazine, the talk show host revealed that her pregnancies were difficult.

“It’s always been difficult to get the babies out. My gynaecologist says I’ve had every type of birth. Whether it’s forceps, caesarean section – he says he could do a whole book on childbirth with everything I’ve had.

“With my first baby Alannah I was rushed into Queen Charlotte’s hospital in London because I had pre-eclampsia which is actually very dangerous.

“So I’ve been blessed but I have had a lot of near-misses. Then I had twins – and you worry about twins.”

The 52 year old blonde said that being pregnant with her son Jamie was an anxious time.

“I was in Holles Street for nearly five months with Jamie and he loves this story.

“I tell him, ‘Now Jamie when you were coming into the world you were trying to rush out of mummy far too quickly so I had to sit down and keep you in there for four months because you were so anxious to get into the world.

“He’s great. He’s fine. But then I didn’t have to work for all those months.

“I was stuck in Holles Street – I used to go down to the first floor and go into the chapel – and there is a beautiful book with the names of all the babies who died there, who didn’t make it.

“I used to read that and get really sad and then say to Jamie, ‘Now Jamie stay in, do not come too early. Please, please stay in.’

“I didn’t miss working at all – which is another thing. I was watching daytime TV all the time. It was great.”

Miriam, who is busy hosting her summer talk show, Saturday Night with Miriam said that she could not consider running for president last year because her family life is very time consuming.

“My youngest boy had only turned five and you just can’t be travelling around the world. I don’t travel at all – I’ve never gone away much from my kids. But never say never!”