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20th Jul 2012

Rose-Scent Fabric, Her Own Furniture – Madonna Makes Some Crazy Demands…

Madonna is used to getting what she wants. And when she's in Ireland she wants special furniture, global phone lines and flowers that are exactly six inches in height. Seriously.


Now we all know that tour riders can be strange, but Madonna’s is just plain insane. Yes, the Queen of Pop is rolling into town next week and already she’s making some weird demands.

The Irish Sun reports that Madonna is expected to arrive in Dublin with an entourage of 200 people just before her gig at the Aviva Stadium next Tuesday, and already she’s giving Aviva and hotel staff hell with her outlandish list of demands.

The singer has requested twenty international phone lines at her disposal for her dressing room. Why? We have no idea – maybe she operates a call centre after her shows, who knows? She has also stated that all the fabric in her dressing room must be fragranced with pink roses and lilies.

All flowers in Madonna’s quarters must be cut to exactly six inches in height and all of the furniture in her dressing room must be removed and replaced with Madge’s own pieces that she’ll have shipped in.

Mental or what? Although, we will admit that we’re a little jealous we can’t get away with making these kinds of demands on a regular basis.

“Stars don’t come much bigger than Madonna and her requests and requirements reflect that,” said an insider.

“She even ships in her own furniture for her dressing room and requests that it be decked out in materials of her choice ahead of her arrival. Madonna is a perfectionist and she wants her backstage area at the Aviva ‘just so’ and decorated with roses and lilies before she takes to the stage,” the insider added.

Madonna’s entourage includes 30 bodyguards, a few chefs to cook her Vegan cuisine and a physiotherapist. While she’s in Ireland the singer is expected to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Ballsbridge.

Are you heading to see her next week?