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05th Aug 2012

Rosanna Davidson Was Shocked When Boyfriend Wes Produced a Little Jewellery Box

The former Miss World was terrified when she thought Wes was getting down on bended knee.


Irish model Rosanna Davidson was shocked when she thought her boyfriend was about to pop a very important question.

According to The Irish Sun, the former Miss World nearly collapsed when Wes Quirke produced a small jewellery box earlier this year.

“I got home and Wes was in the kitchen and said ‘I have something for you’ and was holding something behind his back. I was like ‘Jesus Christ’ my nails aren’t even done.”

“It was a bracelet but my heart was pumping – I was like Jesus, any boy should know if you do something like that, with someone you’ve been with for a long time, you’re probably going to get that reaction.

“There’s no news to report but we are very happy at the moment as we are.”

Despite the faux proposal the blonde insists she is not ready to walk down the aisle just yet. But the couple is currently living together in South Dublin.

Rosanna and Wes are living together in South Dublin

“We have been living together since the start of last year, so yeah, we have more room now which is great. We’re settling down in this place in the very distant future if I ever want kids – this would be the place for us.”

The daughter of Chris de Burgh is currently training to become a nutritional therapist.

“I’m just finished year two of a three year course.

“Next year I will be qualified to run clinics and that’s what I’m training to do at the moment,” she said.