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20th Aug 2012

Ronan Keating Freaks Out Over Ryanair’s Excess Baggage Charge

The former Boyzone singer was furious when the budget airline made him fork out €100 because his luggage exceeded the allowance.

Ronan Keating was furious when a Ryanair attendant forced him to pay €100 when his luggage exceeded the airline’s allowance.

The stroppy Boyzone star refused to take a photo with a Ryanair employee unless she paid him €100 for the snap.

The star tweeted: “Flying Ryanair and as I check in girl says bag is too heavy so they charge me €100. After paying she asks for a photo. I say it costs €100.

“That’s fair don’t ya think,” he wrote.

Ronan received a mountain of abuse from his Twitter followers regarding the remark and they questioned why he would treat a fan so poorly.

However, Ronan later said the whole incident was a joke and he could never resist taking a photo with one of his fans.

“Of course she got the pic. But worth the laugh and she found it funny too,” he wrote.

Ronan is preparing to release his latest album, Fire, in September and is also making his film debut in Goddess, a movie in which he plays a marine biologist.

The film is due for release on Valentine’s day.

“It’s really cute, it’s a romantic comedy. I sing a couple of songs. It was great making it, I loved it,” he said.