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02nd Jul 2012

Rio Ferdinand Admits to Wearing Makeup For Television

Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand is starring in ITV's new talent showLet's Get Gold.He reveals his secret to looking good onscreen.

Turns out it’s not just women who out on a bit of makeup for appearing on television shows.

None other than Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has admitted to putting on a bit of lippy for his role as a judge on ITV’s new talent show Let’s Get Gold.

The Irish Daily Mirror reported that the 33 year old footballer said ‘It’s part and parcel of what happens when you sign up to do this.

‘You know you’re going to have to put on a bit of make-up, bit of lipstick and stuff.’

We take our hats off to him here at for admitting this, especially when we think about the amount of stick he’s going to get when he returns to the training ground.