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30th Jul 2012

Rihanna Invites Tinie Tempah Aboard Her Cruise Holiday

Tinie Tempah becomes the latest male celeb to climb aboard the luxurious yacht for another night of eating, drinking and partying.


Tinie Tempah becomes Ri’s latest male friend to climb aboard her luxurious yacht.

Nothing is stopping Rihanna enjoying her Mediterranean cruise holiday as she invites yet another male friend aboard her yacht for a night of eating, drinking and partying.

The popstar is showing no signs of slowing down on her luxurious, party-fuelled trip as British artist Tinie Tempah joined the pop lady this weekend for a dinner date on the Med.

The rapper travelled from England to meet his singer friend after his Friday set at Global Gathering at Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The popstar tweets a photo of herself in an orange bikini to her fans

Rihanna invited Tinie to hang out with her and her friends for the night and dinner conversations included a possible future collaberation with the ‘Pass Out’ singer.

A source told The Irish Sun this morning that Rihanna is fond of Tinie’s music, likes his personality and is keen to work with him in the near future.

Rihanna tweets a photo of her and her friends aboard the luxurious yacht

Tinie’s not the first male friend to be invited aboard the luxurious boat as love rivals Drake and Chris Brown have also experienced her company during the Med cruise.

After spending time on the French Riviera, Rihanna is now holidaying in Portofino in Italy.

Rihanna enjoys the Mediterranean sunset from the boat

Tweeting photos of herself modelling an extensive bikini collection on a daily basis, Rihanna also got stuck into some water activities and snorkelled with friends at the weekend.

A team of snorkelling and diving instructors came to the meet Ri and her friends on a boat and took them to some of Italy’s diving hotspots, including the underwater Christ of Abyss statue.