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09th Aug 2012

R-Patz is Flooded With Messages of Support, Presents and Marriage Proposals From Twihards

The actor has donated all the gifts to local hospitals and senior citizen homes. Aw.

We all know that breaking up with someone sucks, but thankfully there’s always a trusted BFF there to cry with you, eat ice-cream and list off all the things that she hated about your ex.

Luckily for Robert Pattinson, not only does he have a BFF to commiserate with him over the recent breakdown of his relationship to Kristen Stewart, he also has legions of fans who have been literally bombarding him with gifts and messages of support in the wake of her cheating scandal.

The New York Post reports that Twihards (that’s Twilight fans) have literally flooded poor Rob with notes of consolation, flowers and, in some cases, marriage proposals (there’s always a few chancers, huh?).

However, in typical nice-guy fashion, Rob has reportedly had his team send the gifts straight to local hospitals and senior citizens homes in order to cheer them up. That’s nice of him, isn’t it?

“Robert has been incredibly touched by the support he has received from the Twihards since news of Kristen’s affair with Rupert broke,” said a source, speaking to RadarOnline.

The source stated that Rob has been inundated with boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses and notes that have slammed his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. He’s apparently even received a few “bizarre” marriage proposals.

“…his kind-heart has got the better of him, and in a selfless act he decided to send all the gifts he received to local hospitals and senior citizens homes,” the source added.

Robert is reportedly hiding out at Reese Witherspoon’s ranch in Ojai, California and he will break his silence for the first time since Kristen admitted to cheating on him next week on Good Morning America.

Hmm…we wonder if Kristen has been receiving any presents from the Twihards?