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23rd Aug 2018

Queen Elizabeth had a LIFE SIZE doll house as a child, and you have to see it

Rebecca O'Keeffe

queen elizabeth


So we all know that living life as a royal involves pretty lavish living.

They have castles, private jets and every designer bag under the sun.

You know what else they have? Life size doll houses.

No for real, back when Queen Elizabeth was a child she was gifted a life size doll house from the people of Wales.

Archived pictures were recently discovered, showing Elizabeth II as a child, playing in her doll house.

queen elizabeth

‘The Little House’ was given to the future Queen for her sixth birthday, and it needs to be seen to be believed.

The house measures 24 feet long, eight feet deep and with five feet high rooms.

It has it’s very own front door and door bell, with the words ‘Y Bwthyn Bach’ (The Little House in Welsh) inscribed over the door.

So basically, the doll house is nicer than most normal family homes like.

the queen

It has been said that when the house was being built it actually caught fire.

This resulted in it being insured (oh, I’m serious) for £750, and the contents another £500.

The house also contained little books, food cans, pots and pans,  and a radio licence, all made to order and to scale.

The kitchen was fully equipped a gas cooker and a fridge which both worked.

queen elizabeth

There was even a working, miniature-sized telephone. The house also had its own front garden with scaled down hedges and flower borders.

Can you cope?

It still stands on the grounds of the Royal Lodge of Windsor, where current royal kids get to enjoy it.