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03rd Aug 2012

Put It Away! Miley Uploads More Body Pics on Twitter… Where’s Her Face Gone?!

American popstar Miley Cyrus uploads yet more photos of her half-dressed body onto her Twitter account. We are questioning what kind of message she is trying to send out at this stage....


Yawwwn…Put it away now Miley…Please. 

Three days ago we were all praise for the young celebrity’s hard work on sculpting her new Pilates-toned body. We were jealous, yes, we will admit it, but we were also admiring and pleased for the girl. She took a healthy choice, had the motivation to keep up with a strict fitness regime, and succeeded. We were genuinely happy for her.

Today, however, Miley uploads yet another new photo onto her Twitter account, camera focused on her stomach again. “Is it really just from Pilates?!” Perez Hilton screams. It may well be, yes, Perez.

My own argument is there is no need for the young star to be uploading photos of her body three times a week to the micro-blogging website, what does that say to all her young fans about their own body image?

How about just a nice smiling photo of your face Miley? Show the millions it’s all about being happy and not how small your waistline is…

And maybe take your photos in front of a different mirror Miley! What do you do all day…?!

Photo #1 …We were pleased for you, yes, Miley. Your dog looks happy too.

Photo #2…Okaaay, still happy, wondering could you maybe take a photo somewhere else though…

Photo #3…Ok Miley, we get it!! Now how about a photo of your face maybe?! Even your dog looks sick of your constant Twit-pic-ing…