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05th Jul 2012

Pudsey Makes His First Million and Announces His AutobiDOGraphy

If you’ve been living off beans and toast until pay day tomorrow we don’t think you should read on.


Britain’s Got Talent show dog Pudsey has already made his first million less than two months after he won the competition.

Although Pudsey undoubtedly has to fork out some of his fortune to Simon Cowell this piece of news has really made us blue.

Heat Magazine reported that the mutt and his owner Ashleigh have been cast in a pantomime, which is set to earn the performers a cool and collective £150,000.

Pudsey is also penning his own ‘autobiDOGraphy’, which is due for release next Christmas. The book deal is worth £350,000 to the pair.

Added to their winnings from the hit ITV show it makes up a cool million quid!

Although we got great amusement from the talented pooch who took to the Britain’s Got Talent stage in May we can’t help but envy this extremely eligible dog bachelor. Our own lazy dog is underwhelming in comparison!

We don’t think it will be on our Christmas wish list but mostly because we’re just jealous that a dog has been published before us!