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05th May 2016

Princess Charlotte has a pet and he sounds like the cutest thing ever


I can’t help but gush over Prince George and Princess Charlotte and after the reaction to Prince George’s bathrobe meeting with President Obama, I know I’m not alone.

Princess Charlotte turned one on Monday and received a considerable number of gifts from people in 64 different countries, according to The Associated Press. Standard for a princess really.

However, the one present people have focused on is a pet hamster, who just so happens to be named Marvin. Squee.

Her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, met a group of schoolchildren on Monday and chatted about her family as she opened the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Opens The Magic Garden At Hampton Court Palace

People reports that nine-year-old Darcey spoke about her encounter with Kate Middleton, saying that Princess Charlotte is a fan of Marvin because “Charlotte really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face.”

The Duchess appeared to have been a big hit with the children, even saying she would bring her jeans and runners for a go on the slide next time.