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18th Nov 2018

Prince William’s nickname for Kate Middleton actually couldn’t be cuter

kate middleton

How sweet is this?

Royals, they’re so like us in so many ways.

Take Prince William and Kate Middleton as an example.

Sure, they’re destined to be the King and Queen of England, but they’re also a couple in love.

Their normality can be seen in their adorable nicknames for each other.

No, they don’t refer to each other as “your highness,” that would be creepy.

kate middleton

Instead, Prince William calls his lovely wife by the nickname “poppet”.

How perfectly adorable and British of him?

In return, Kate Middleton has been known to call Prince William “babe”.

We’re cringing, and we’re not sure why!

The royal family have plenty of other sweet nicknames for each other.

kate middleton

For example, we recently found out that Prince George and Princess Charlotte call Prince Charles “Grandpa Wales”.

How freakin’ cute is that?

Even the Queen has a nickname!

The monarch’s husband, Prince Philip, calls his wife “cabbage”.

And… we’re done!