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09th Jun 2013

Pregnant Star Being Sued For Allegedly Conspiring To Make Money Out Of A Fan’s Child

A photo of the singer and the fan's child appeared on the cover of a US magazine.

Jessica Simpson is being sued by a couple who claim she used photos of THEIR baby to make money.

New Orleans native Christopher Hurst went to a department store in October of 2011 with his baby son for a meet-and-greet with the US pop singer, The Times-Picayune reports.

Hurst believes Simpson was part of a conspiracy to make money out of his kid as he was asked to hand his son over to the then-pregnant star. He claims that a photographer than appeared, snapping photos of Simpson and his son.

A few months later the photos were allegedly used on the cover of US OK magazine, implying that the child was Jessica’s, without Hurst’s permission.

It is implied on the cover that the child is Jessica’s. 

Hurst has accused her of creating a misleading cover with the magazine to make money from publicity.

Himself and the child’s mother are looking for $75,000 in damages from Jessica Simpson, Getty Images and OK magazine.

Simpson’s spokesperson has not commented on the incident yet. 


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