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04th Oct 2012

Pop Star Duffy Bravely Recues Her Pets From A Burning Luxury Penthouse

The singer’s home was ablaze last night after she raised the alarm, and saved her pets.


The multi-million euro penthouse, owned pop singer Duffy, went up in flames last night but luckily she managed to save her precious pets from a scary fate!

When Duffy realised that her apartment was on fire, she rushed downstairs to warn her neighbours to vacate the building before returning to rescue her two cats and her dog as dark smoke billowed out the windows of the high-rise building.

According to The Sun, it took 60 firefighters to calm the blaze at the £12 million (€14 million) property.

The view from Duffy’s Penthouse prior to the blaze

Duffy’s neighbor Mohamad Razak said: “She came down to me – she knows I have a child.

“She said, ‘There’s smoke coming in my flat so it might be a fire – can you get out?’

“She was panicking – she was worried about other people. She took our phone and called the fire brigade.

“We all came down. She was just by herself. After she went up and got the cat and the dog.

“She is a lovely girl. She is an angel. Who else would knock everyone’s doors?

“She was standing here all night, until 12 o’clock. She was shocked – she was very upset. She was shaking. There were tears in her eyes,” he said.

Duffy is said to be very upset after the fire

Sources believe that Duffy’s Grammy Awards may have been in the home at the time of the fire, and the blaze is also thought to have destroyed her jewellery collection.

Station Manager John Snelgrove who was at the scene said:

“Thanks to the quick actions by our crews when they arrived we were able to contain the fire to the ninth floor penthouse flat and the roof of the building.

“Around 20 people were evacuated from the block but thankfully there were no injuries. Because of the complicated layout of the structure crews are working in firefighters are likely to remain at the scene for some time today as they continue to damp down and extinguish any small pockets of fire which still remain.” 

We hope she is okay and although such an event is devastating, she should be grateful that nobody was hurt. 


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