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31st May 2021

Pippa O’Connor shares that she had a miscarriage last year

“You want to hear someone say ‘I’m sorry. I know how it feels.'”

Pippa O’Connor has shared that she had a miscarriage last year.

The fashion entrepreneur posted a series of videos on Instagram to thank her followers for their congratulations following her pregnancy announcement yesterday.

In the videos, Pippa shared that she is feeling “completely overwhelmed” by the amount of messages she’s received.

“I’m feeling the love and feeling the kindness, big time,” she said.

The mum of two then explained that she experienced a miscarriage last year:

“Last summer I got pregnant, which was the biggest shock. I could not believe it. And then unfortunately I had a miscarriage in October.

“I went for my second scan and unfortunately there was no heartbeat. I know so many people have been there. I know so many people watching this have just gone through this today or last week. We all know how common it is unfortunately. But I still think it’s unsaid.”

She spoke about her hesitancy to share her experience, as well as the general stigma that surrounds miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

“We don’t want to show vulnerability,” Pippa said. “I personally don’t want to feel sad. But then I know how I felt at the time, and how I just wanted to hear someone else say, ‘That happened to me.’ You want to be able to relate to someone. I’m so conscious of not wanting to upset people, but I’m just sharing my own story. I just want to be truthful of what I went through.”

She continued: “Nothing anyone can say makes it feel better, but I do think that it made me feel better when I came across people online or people in my own life that said ‘I know that that’s shit, and I’m really sorry.’ And that’s all you kind of want to hear. You want to hear someone say ‘I’m sorry and I know how it feels.’ And I can only imagine how that feels to go through it multiple times.”

Yesterday, Pippa shared that she is expecting her third child with her partner Brian Ormond.