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30th Nov 2013

PICS: Kim And Kanye’s Bathroom Selfie Is A Little Strange

We're still confused about the Bound 2 music video, this isn't helping.


Ever since Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got engaged the pair have not stopped showing the world their undying love for each other. From radio interviews to music videos, and now to bathroom selfies, they just can’t get enough of each other.

There is really no denying that Kim is proud of her significant other, as the reality star posts many loving photos of him to her Instagram account.

The latest addition to those collection of images is a little peculiar to say the very least.

Kim uploaded the following picture with the caption: “Bathroom selfie right before Yeezus hits the stage.” Just incase you didn’t know, Yeezus is the title of West’s latest album.

We’ve often heard rumours of stars get pumped-up and mentally prepared before going on stage to perform for thousands of people, bathroom selfies were never on that list.

We’re still confused about the ‘Bound 2’ music video, this really isn’t helping.


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