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18th Nov 2013

PIC: Sinead O’ Connor’s Stunning Photo For Time Magazine

This profile shot of the Irish singer is amazing.


A lot of people have an opinion on Sinead O’ Connor. Some disagree with her beliefs, some think she’s a genius and others are indifferent. One thing that  no one will argue is that the singer is a remarkably intelligent woman, and in this front cover of TIME magazine, looks amazing, and not in the glossy mag, photo-shopped kind off way.

Unlike your regular pop culture magazine front cover, not that TIME would entertainment such a thing, (we all know they had that slight hiccup back in 1938 when they made Adolf Hitler their Man of the Year), the image captures Sinead perfectly.

There is no denying that this image of the ‘controversial’ Irish woman depicts everything she stands for.

The picture, which was uploaded to the magazine’s Instagram account, was accompanied with this caption: “Sinéad O’Connor is featured in the current issue’s 10 Questions. The singer speaks on the power of music, mental illness and why she told Miley Cyrus to not let herself be pimped. Photograph by Peter Hapak for TIME.”

The singer discussed the Miley Cyrus debacle and how they created a conversation about mental health, without actually meaning to.