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23rd Aug 2012

Photo Agency’s Mistaken Identity: Turns Out Trout Pout Wasn’t Jackie!

Photos of 90-year-old Jackie Stallone were plastered across the papers the morning after 'The Expendables 2' premiere, but it turns out it wasn't Jackie at all...

We sat back in awe at the elderly woman’s enhanced trout pout and amazing figure and posture.

We couldn’t believe it was Sylvester Stallone’s 90-year-old mother, Jackie Stallone. She looked so well, albeit cosmetically-enhanced, how could this woman be 90? How could this be Jackie? And now we know it wasn’t.

Turns out it was a premiere guest by the name of Ivone Weldon. And we know this because the Huffington Post has reported on receiving an apologetic email from the photo agency who originally credited the snaps. The agency had thought it was Jackie and labelled all the photos with her name, photos the world’s media received that night.

The email was too late. Every celebrity page had published the photos of ‘Jackie’s trout pout and short black dress, all of them in awe at how young she looked as she attended the premiere with her starring son, Sylvester.

This is Ivone, the woman we thought was Jackie.

Ivone Weldon attended the premiere… where the photographers thought she was Jackie.

So who is Mrs Weldon? She has a near-to-none online presence. How could she be at the movie premiere? Turns out, after a bit of Facebook investigating on the Huffington Post’s part, that Ivone is the mother of one of the producers on the action film.

It had everyone fooled. Sylvester is in the film after all. And Jackie is no stranger to the nip and tuck, so the photo agency and media world just believed her last procedure had been particularly extreme.

Apologies to Ivone…

Spotting the difference: photographers thought Jackie had undergone more cosmetic surgery.