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27th Apr 2018

People are making a creepy comparison between Duchess Kate’s Lindo Wing dress

Jade Hayden

Oh god, no.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth there this week, as we’re sure you’re all aware.

Baby Louis (sorry but how adorable is Louis for the name of a baby though?) was born on Monday morning at 11.01am in London’s Lindo Wing.

Kate and Will were, understandably, delighted with the newest addition to their family – as you would be if you had just had a baby.

A mere few hours after pushing a literal child out of her body, Kate was on the steps on the Lindo Wing showing baby Louis off to the world for the very first time.

And fair play to her too – there’s not many of us that could look so fresh and so effortlessly good the same day we had pushed an eight pound baby out of us.

This is Kate Middleton though. She’s not like you or I.

Anyway, Kate looked great as we know. She was wearing a red Jenny Packham dress (a favourite designer of hers, don’t you know?) with a cute lace frill on the collar.

It was cute.

And while many people were comparing Kate’s dress to what Princess Diana wore when she first appeared after the birth of Harry, there was another similarity that people were alluding to that was slightly more creepy.

A lot more creepy, actually.

And that was that Kate’s dress was oddly similar to the dress worn by Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. 

Eerily similar actually.

Here’s Mia in the dress in the film.

And here’s Kate on Monday.

Genuinely uncanny, like.

Now, if you’re not at all familiar with the plot of Rosemary’s Baby you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Well, let us tell you.

In the 1968 psychological horror film Rosemary’s Baby, a woman named Rosemary becomes pregnant with the son of the Devil.

She experiences much pain, stress, and fear during the pregnancy and at the end of the film she gives birth and is told that it’ll all be grand because birthing the Devil’s son is actually a really good thing and she should be proud of herself.

Yeah, it’s a good movie.

Still though, not the absolute best comparison to make considering baby Louis is absolutely not the son of the Devil.

He’s just a nice little baby.

It’ll be grand.

It will.