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12th Jul 2016

People are giving out about Victoria Beckham and the reason why is ridiculous

Ah now.

Cathy Donohue

Instagram is possibly my favourite social media platform because it’s a treasure trove of pretty things where you find endless inspiration.

However, the flip side of that is the negative energy that some posts receive because some users don’t agree with their content or in some cases, want an excuse to complain.

The latest celebrity who has been targeted on Instagram is Victoria Beckham after she posted a photo of her daughter Harper on Sunday, to celebrate the little one’s fourth birthday.

The image shows them hanging out, enjoying the sun, and the fashion designer just so happened to plant a kiss on Harper’s lips which was captured by the person taking the photo.

Happy Birthday baby girl ??? We all love you so much ??? X @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham kisses from mummy X

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

However, some Instagram users have taken offence to the mother and daughter embrace, expressing their distaste in comments underneath the post.

According to METRO, one person wrote:

“It’s definitely the head title, makes it look like a romantic movie kiss”.

Another Instagram user wrote:

“Horrible pic. David Beckham’s picture is much nicer and less controversial”.

Thankfully, there were far more people defending VB instead of criticising her.

Someone wrote:

“Victoria this is a beautiful piccie [sic] of you and your little girl, hasn’t the world gone mad when they feel they have to comment negative comment on the love shared between mum and daughter. I know you will ignore the silly comments, I just wanted to show you my support”.

Another said:

“Why are people so offended by a mother giving her daughter a kiss! Get a grip on your lifes! [sic] She loves her daughter seriously all these mean people slating her for kissing her daughter grow up all of you!”

And another show of support:

“Absolutely nothing wrong with kissing your young daughter on the lips, why all the hate!! Our daughters are precious and need our love, nothing else to it. Hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating x”.