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06th Oct 2023

Patrick Kielty’s impression of the ‘Tube Girl’ trend will have you in stitches

Sophie Collins

Patrick Kielty

The ‘Tube Girl’ trend has made its way into RTE studios, and Patrick Kielty has fans in stitches over it.

Tonight, Kielty will take to our screens once again as he continues his very successful first season presenting the Late Late Show.

In the run up to the live show, production staff decided to try their hand at the global trend, and the comedian/presenter was more than happy to take part.

Patrick Kielty
TikTok/ LateLateShowRTE

Taking to TikTok with a short clip, staff could be seen approaching Kielty with a leaf blower in studio – to which he joked: “What is that, and where are you planning to stick it? It’s not happening.”

Moments later the clip jumped to the 52-year-old showing off his impression of Sabrina Bahsoon’s famous dance.

We love to see it:


We’re gonna need a bigger leaf blower… 🍂 #latelate

♬ original sound – The Late Late Show

Tonight’s Late Late Show lineup has yet to be confirmed by RTE, however, Patrick Kielty will host his first country music special from 9:35 pm “with a little help from some of the biggest stars of the Irish scene.”

Tube Girl

After gaining millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, Sabrina Bahsoon is now known as the inventor of the Tube Girl Trend.

The 22-year-old films herself dancing each day on the tube in London and she told the BBC: “I think that the Tube Girl has already become something more than just dancing on the Tube. 

“So I think it’s about confidence and it’s about being more comfortable with your authentic self.”