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29th Jun 2012

Pale and Interesting: Five Celebs Who’ve Ditched the Fake Tan

Have you ever thought about ditching the fake tan? Here's five celebs who got rid of the brown-stuff and embraced the pale.

Ladies, have you ever thought about ditching your fake tan and embracing the lovely, alabaster Irish skin that you’ve been blessed with?

Now, don’t go looking at us like that! We know what you’re thinking – “go outside PALE? You must be having a laugh!” We’re definitely not. In fact, we even wrote an article about the benefits of scrubbing off that brown stuff and accepting the fact that you could rival a milk bottle in the pale stakes.

Yes, yes. We know that us Irish women are so pale we can probably be seen at night, but consider the following: liberating yourself from the clutches of fake tan can be a massively freeing experience. And hey, if embracing the pale is good enough for these fabulous females, then it is most certainly good enough for us.

Here are our top five celebrities who have waved goodbye to the tanorexic look and embraced the pale…

5. Nicola Roberts: Back in the day, Nicola Roberts was just as perma-tanned as her Girls Aloud bandmates. In fact the feisty redhead has spoken out about her gorgeous pale skin saying that in the past she felt ugly and like the “odd one out” when she had to pose next to a very bronze Cheryl and co.

In 2009 the singer finally binned the fake tan and started rocking her natural shade, which was a lovely (much more flattering) porcelain. Nicola even went one step further and launched her own make-up range for women who have pale skin tones. She has since said that the tanned look was never her.

4. Rooney Mara: Rooney Mara should be one of the poster girls when it comes to promoting the benefits of embracing the pale. Sure, the girl looks about as white as a ghost, but you can’t deny that she completely rocks it.

If you’ve ever seen Rooney doing her thing on a red carpet, chances are you’ll have noticed that the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress always wears dresses that are of a darker hue – we’re talking deep purples and rich reds. This is because dark colours help to highlight pale skin tones. Honestly. Check Rooney out – the dark colours make her skin pop. She looks amazing.

3. Kristen Stewart: This year, Kristen Stewart won the title of Glamour Magazine’s Best Dressed Woman. Not bad for an actress who is, well, deathly pale, huh?

And do you want to know the best thing about Kristen scooping this award? Well it’s voted for by the public, so her winning the coveted title just goes to show that our own attitudes towards pale skin are changing.

Thanks to the likes of Rooney and Kristen, it’s finally becoming more acceptable to feel comfortable in our own skin and to leave the house without using two bottles of fake tan to cover up our unsightly white legs.

2. Dita Von Teese: There’s no denying it, when it comes to rocking sallow skin, Dita is the queen. She always looks amazing and she’s always been outspoken about the fact that she thinks women should be curvy and happy with their own bodies.

Earlier this year, the burlesque dancer/lingerie designer issued a “no spray tan” alert to any models who were planning to attend a casting call for her lingerie catwalk show in Australia. Fair play Dita, fair play.

1. Emma Stone: When she was younger, Emma Stone was a fake tan addict. She has stated previously that she couldn’t stand being as pale as she was. Given the fact that she is from Arizona, a hot state where everyone is tanned, Emma has said that she stuck out “like a thumb.”

After failing to master fake tan, the actress finally decided to give up and just be happy in her own skin. Emma has described her flirtation with fake tan as her “biggest beauty mishap” mainly because she couldn’t put it on properly and constantly had those dreaded streaks…