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24th Jul 2012

Our Girls’ Night Out Celebrity Guest List

This guest list is guaranteed to make one hell of a girls' night out but which ten female celebs do we want to invite and why?

Rebecca McKnight

When you’re heading on a night out, there are a few different things you need and one of them is a good mix of friends.

So we got to thinking about what famous women we’d like to invite on a girls’ night out. And what a mix it is we’ve come up with!

  1. Emma Stone – The Help actress has come to be known for two things: her acting ability and her fabulous sense of style. So who better to lend us a designer dress and shoes for the evening? 
  2. Cameron Diaz – Out of all the leading ladies in Hollywood, Cameron seems like she’d be the life and soul of any party. What we love most about her is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. 
  3. Beyoncé – There is literally no better person to hit the dance floor with. Whether we’re taken or not, when Single Ladies comes on we will most definitely be joining the booty-shaker for the routine.
  4. Gwyneth Paltrow – We’d call on Gwyneth to cook us dinner before heading out. Not only can she cook but she’s also healthy which bodes well for us especially if we’re donning one of Emma Stone’s outfits.  
  5. Kristen Wiig – Every girl has a friend that can make her laugh so who better to invite along than hilarious Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig. If the film is anything to go by this girl knows how to enjoy a few bevvies.
  6. Eva Longoria – Speaking of alcoholic beverages, we would also have Eva Longoria with us just because she was always pouring out a glass of wine on Desperate Housewives. We like her style!
  7. Lady Gaga – So we wouldn’t know what she’d turn up wearing or what she’d end up doing during the night out but with her around we’d have our karaoke duet sorted. Wonder if she sings Abba?
  8. Rihanna – If there is one girl who knows how to party it has to be the ‘Where Have You Been?’ singer. From huge yachts to an endless supply of Corona there would be nothing we couldn’t do on a night out with Rihanna.
  9. Milla Jovovich – We’d bring the Resident Evil star simply because she seems to be able to pack a good punch. And what girl hasn’t wanted that skill when a drunken guy has grabbed something he shouldn’t?
  10. Blake Lively – Let’s face it, with this lady around we wouldn’t have to wait to be served at the bar for more than ten seconds. Also she’d probably be able to walk straight into club which we also like the sound of.

Now that we’ve got our girls’ night out guest list sorted we just have to wait and see if they all get along with each other. Fingers crossed!