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07th Aug 2015

OUCH! It Looks Like Naughty Boy Has Hit Out At Zayn Malik On Twitter…

Things are getting a bit nasty.


That’s a bit harsh!

It’s the Twitter feud that everyone’s been keeping an eye on as Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik have been throwing some serious shade at each other over the last few weeks.

The pair were quite close when Zayn first quit One Direciton, but things turned sour in recent weeks, with Zayn calling Naughty Boy a ‘fat joke’ on Twitter.

Naughty Boy did not seem to retaliate online at the time, but a few weeks later tweeted:

Now though, it looks like Naughty Boy has sparked the fight once more as his tweet this week is believed to be aimed at Zayn.

There’s certainly a lot going on in Zayn’s life at the moment, as he has the eyes of the world’s media on him following his split from Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

We wonder will he respond to this?