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25th Nov 2012

Oops I Did It Again – Helen Flangan On Fake Tan, Beauty Regimes And Being An Independent Woman

Her babyish antics haven’t endeared her to fellow campmates and it seems the ditsy blonde can’t really do anything for herself – including her fake tan!

Applying fake tan can be a messy and sometimes ill-fated affair – one rogue streak or orange palm and the whole effect is ruined.

And although for most of us a bathroom with mirrors is usually the best and safest place to apply the smelly stuff, I’m A Celebrity contestant Helen Flanagan decided that a streaky brown look trumped her naturally paler complexion.

Armed with a tiny hand-held mirror and her beloved fake tan, the blonde tried to recreate her preferred bronzed look but instead ended up looking like a radio-active orange mess. But, it’s not Helen’s fault really you see. The former Corrie star explained to campmates that her lack of ability was all down to her being so independent.

Does my back look streaky to you?

Speaking to Rosemary Shrager and Eric Bristow the immature actress explained that she usually relies on professionals to help with her grooming regime saying “I always go for spray tans every two nights. I pay for it, it’s my money, not my boyfriend’s.”

The actress then went on to shock campmates with the revelation that she has never learnt to blow-dry her own hair which goes some way to explain the perma- top knot she’s sported since entering the jungle two weeks ago.

The actress decided to apply a second layer of fake-tan for good measure

“I’ve never learned to blow-dry my own hair. When I used to work on Coronation Street I used to go into make-up in the morning and have my hair blow-dried and so now I prefer other people to do it.”

If Helen’s fake tan is anything to go by, we say keep paying the professionals for as long as you can afford it love!