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16th Jan 2013

Only in Hollywood… The Former President, The Famous Actor, and the $400,000 Fee

One Hollywood hunk has splashed out an incredible sum to spend time with former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

There are many who would consider Bill Clinton quite the silver fox, and would happily part with some cash to spend some time in his company – we just didn’t expect this man to be one of them…

Leonardo DiCaprio has forked out the incredible sum of $400,000 to spend a day in the company of Hillary’s husband, the former President of the United States.

The ‘Inception’ star bid on a date with Clinton while attending fellow actor Sean Penn’s ‘Help Haiti Home’ charity gala last weekend.

DiCaprio wasn’t alone in his determination to spend some time with Bill, and reportedly entered a bidding war with an unnamed woman who also attended the function. 

The bids must have started quiet low – DiCaprio pictured at the gala beside Julia Roberts

In a diplomatic move the pair agreed to split the $800,000 bid and share the date.

It’s a nice move for a worthwhile charity on Leo’s behalf, but let’s be honest about this, the real winner here is the unnamed woman who got her dream date with Bill Clinton for half of what she was willing to pay, and then gets Leonardio DiCaprio thrown in as a sweet little buy-one-get-one-free-offer. Only in Hollywood.