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18th Sep 2013

On Again? One Directioner Rekindles Romance With Old Flame

It's pretty difficult keeping tabs on the One Direction boys and this star's love life is certainly complicated

Cathy Donohue

Despite being linked to Ellie Goulding earlier this week, new reports have emerged that Niall Horan is back seeing his ex-girlfriend, model Zoe Whelan.

The pair reportedly broke up due to conflicting schedules but it appears they are now giving things another go.

According to Heatworld, a source confirmed the pair is back together, saying, “Niall wants everything kept completely under the radar, as he feels they simply won’t survive if they’re being watched. But the truth is, he’s mad about her and when he’s in Ireland they’re spending almost every second together.”

“Over the past three months she’s flown out on four different occasions to meet him over in London and be close to him. Although they would prefer to keep the relationship quiet, they actually get to hook up together a lot more than you’d think and Zoe is a regular face backstage at their gigs,” the insider explained.

Zoe’s modelling career is taking off

Niall’s band mates are said to be supportive of the relationship and have encouraged Niall to make a go of things with Zoe. When the pair split Zoe was open about the cruel messages sent to her by obsessed One Direction fans.

“I still get hate mail and death threats,” she said after the break up.

“I’m strong though and stuff like that just makes you stronger.

“To think that people spend so much time being so negative, writing nasty things and doing mock-up photographs and setting up haters of Zoe Whelan pages, it’s really sad.”


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