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04th Aug 2012

Olympic Hottie Ryan Lochte Admits to Peeing in The Pool

The speedy swimmer said sometimes he can’t help himself!

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte admitted that he pees in the pool on occasion.

The 11-time gold medalist revealed that sometimes he can’t help but let his bladder loose in the pool.

Oh la la: Ryan Lochte is perfect Olympic eye candy

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the American swimmer said: “Of course. We always do…Not during the races, but I sure did before in warm-up…There’s something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go.”

It has been a rather cringe worthy week for the athlete as his mom revealed he does not have time for relationships and prefers one-night stands.

However, the swimmer said his mom meant that he only goes on occasional dates.

“I knew how the media was going to take it, and I knew what my mom really meant,” Ryan said.

“She’s new to the whole media (experience), so she didn’t really understand that they were going to twist it and make it bad,” he said.

Ryan Lochte at Day One of The London Olympic Games

Despite his peeing in the pool antics would love to get our hands on those chiseled abs! Maybe Ryan will take us on one of his ‘dates’!

Does peeing in the pool rule Ryan out for you?