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07th Aug 2012

Olympic Hottie List To Brighten Up Your Post-Bank Holiday Blues

The Olympics are everywhere. As are male athletes. In the swimming pool. Enough said.

Of course we’re all great fans of diving. Sure aren’t we all diving connaisseurs? Front flip here, back, eh, flip there…

Or is it just because we all want to tune into a bit of Tom Daley?

Tom Daley does ‘determined’.

Tom Daley’s synchronised diving event attracted a peak television audience of 7 million people last Monday. Diving has never been such a watched sport in the UK and Ireland.

Tom Daley is disappointed after his medal loss.


Tom Daley after the synchronised diving event. Stay tuned on Friday to watch Tom’s singles dive event.

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise so that Daley got a silver medal in the hottest body heats. The diving star was voted one of the hottest men in the Olympics.

The 18-year-old is one of four Team GB hunks in the top 10 list of male hotties at London 2012.

Tom wringing out his wet gear…

He was only pipped to the post by US swimming champion Ryan Lochte. Lochte has already won six swims, come second in five and third in one. The Florida native is an eleven-time Olympic champion and has surprised many with his swimming this year.

Well, hello Ryan.

Nothing better than a medal-winning man…

If anything at all was to turn you off the gorgeous Ryan, it might be the fact that he pees in the pool? Or that he is terrible at interviews? You can make up your mind here…

But for now, I’ll be tuning into the London 2012 pool for another race/dive. Delighted with myself.