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17th Jul 2014

Olivia Wilde Share First Photo Of Baby Otis… And It’s Pretty Adorable

Rock and roll, baby.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have kept baby Otis under wraps since his birth in April but they’ve finally decided to give us a glimpse of the little cutie.

The actress posted this image of herself and her first born on Facebook earlier today, with the caption ‘Rock and rock, baby.’.

Wilde previously revealed that while her family may look picture perfect, plans for her first Mother’s Day didn’t exactly go to plan.

“I had the image of the picnic and everything would be so lovely. There would be flowers and the baby would be cooing and I would be the glorious mother,” she said.

“Instead, we were sweating, and angry and hungry. Everyone had to pee. I finally just dropped to the ground on a patch of dirt, like in between two ugly roads, and then just ripped off the diaper of the kid to change him and he just pooped everywhere—like a torrent, a flood.”