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10th May 2015

Old Housemates To Appear On This Year’s Series Of Big Brother

The Timebomb theme means "anything could happen".

This year’s series of Big Brother will have a “Timebomb” theme and show hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark say that “anything could happen”.

The duo opened about the new series, which is set to launch this Tuesday, in a recent interview.

OK Online reports that Rylan dropped a hint about some familiar faces returning on this year’ show as he elaborated on the Timebomb theme.

“As an ex- housemate myself, the only sort of structure you have got to your day is time. Even though you don’t have a clock, you wake up in the morning and it’s light, you know that you are going to be doing whatever for the rest of the day, then you go to bed and you wake up again.

“That is the only thing that keeps you sane in that house. But with this series time doesn’t mean anything. We could revisit any Big Brother series if we wanted to which means we could even see some familiar faces!”.

Emma and Rylan have high hopes for this year’s show…

Emma also chimed in with who she would love to see return to the reality TV show: “Dexter always fascinated me, but he lasted the distance, which I was really pleased about.

“He is the perfect example; you think he is one thing and then this person just unravels in front of you and you realise that they are someone else.”

As for Rylan, he would love to see “the likes of Nikki Grahame, Aisleyne, Makosi, Heidi and Spencer. I would love to see the core Big Brother people like Nadia”.

spencer and heidi
Will Heidi and Spencer make a return?