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08th Aug 2012

Oh Baby: The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Boy

Don't you just love a happy celeb baby story? We definitely do. Welcome to the world mini-Cavallari!

We love a good celeb baby story, so we were delighted when we heard that Kristin Cavallari, of MTV’s The Hills fame, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy this evening.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the reality TV star and her fiancé Jay Cutler confirmed and welcomed their new son into the world a mere two hours ago on social networking website They also revealed the name of their baby:

Camden Jack Cutler, we have to say, in terms of celebrity baby names that’s actually a pretty decent one (Eh, we still haven’t gotten over the whole ‘Apple’ thing Gwyneth Paltrow. We’re just saying…).

Anyway, Kristin and her American football star fiancé, first announced that they were expecting a baby back in January. The news came just two months after the couple got back together following a brief split.

Proud parents: Kristen and Jay.

Since they found out the news of Kristin’s pregnancy, the pair have been closer than ever and last month, Kristin gushed about her man and praised him for taking such good care of her.

“He’s gonna be a great dad! He’s so cute with kids…he’s good with my little dog, so he’s gonna be really, really cute with kids,” said Kristin recently.

She also admitted that Jay had been making her lasagne for her pregnancy cravings. Sounds like a fairly sound fiancé to us!

Welcome to the world Camden Jack Cutler – we can’t wait for you to grow up and take part in your own reality TV series!