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15th Oct 2014

Obsessed One Direction Fans Create Shrine To Harry Styles’ Vomit

The shrine is on the side of a busy Los Angeles road.


A shrine to Harry Styles has been erected on a busy Los Angeles road this week and the reasons behind it are a bit (excuse the pun) sick.

The shrine was put up by obsessed One Direction fans at the spot on the road where, according to The Sun, Harry Styles pulled over to vomit after a night of partying.

Harry was reportedly enjoying a night on the town with Lily Allen when he asked his driver to pull over so that he could get sick.

Now, fans have hung an adoring banner at the site which reads, “Harry Styles threw-up here 10-12-14.”

This is not the first time the singer has thrown up in public, as he also got sick on stage in Pittsburgh last year – which he put down to eating too much before the show.

The shrine to Harry’s vomit. (Pic via Twitter @McKinleyMariles)