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29th Jul 2012

Not so Friendly? Katy Perry Tells Friends to Get Lindsay Lohan Away From Her…

Okay, so we know Lindsay isn't exactly BFF material, but telling your friends to keep her away from you? Harsh, Katy. Well harsh...

Does Katy Perry have a new BFF? And, more importantly, is it Lindsay Lohan? There’s been a lot of speculation about this, but we can confirm that no, Katy hasn’t been spending her time going shopping and hanging out with Lindsay.

The Irish Sun reports that Katy was seriously weirded out by the actress recently. In fact, Katy actually ordered her friends to get rid of Lindsay when she showed up at a party hosted by the singer a few weeks ago.

According to reports, Lindsay was going out of her way trying to befriend Katy at the roller disco themed party, but Katy was having absolutely none of it.

“Lindsay followed Katy around trying to take a photo with her,” said a source, who attended the party.

“Katy told her friends to keep her away as she was acting really weird,” the source added.

Oh well, Katy may not be interested in becoming your new BFF Lindsay, but hey, things with Lady Gaga are looking promising are they not?

In fact Lady Gaga just released a few pictures of the infamous sleepover that she had with Lindsay a few weeks ago.

On July 11th the world let out a collective “WTF?!” when Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey and Lindsay Lohan met at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood and decided to have an impromptu sleepover.

In fact, a lot of us were wondering if the entire thing even happened – there were reports that the three celebs stayed up all night watching movies and playing board games (slightly unbelievable, right?)

Well, women, here is the photographic proof that yes, it did happen. Although judging from the droopy eyes, we imagine that the girls got up to a little bit more than just watching some films:

Where’s Lana? Lindsay, Ellen Von Unwerth and Gaga at the Chateau Sleepover.

So Lindsay, you may not have won over Katy Perry, but in fairness, Gaga has had more number ones that Katy and she has access to the Versace vault…we’re just saying…