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18th Sep 2019

‘It’s not nice’ – Molly-Mae responds to harsh criticism over her PrettyLittleThing collection

Following online criticism, the Love Island star has spoken out.

Molly-Mae Hague made her first big career move earlier this month by dropping a capsule collection with PrettyLittleThing. Signing a reported £500,000 contract to collaborate with the brand, Molly-Mae described her excitement by saying:

“I don’t think this will ever sink in for me. My very own collection with @prettylittlething


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However, since launching, the collection has been hit with mixed reviews with some fans calling it “fake” and “unoriginal” while others snap up every item.

But it’s fellow YouTube stars’ reviews that are getting to Molly-Mae as she has hit back at some of the comments.

Speaking to The Mirror the 20-year-old said:

“It’s hard, I find it hard to watch them, I’m not going to lie because YouTubers go in, it’s not nice.

“I’m a YouTuber myself and I’ve learned now that sometimes you have to think you are reviewing someone’s collection, yes, but you’re also talking about a person. People have gone in on their channels and YouTubers I used to really respect.”


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But Molly-Mae is determined to keep going and not leave the hate negatively affect her work as she’s just signed another partnership, this time with Beauty Works. The Love Island star is set to bring out an exclusive curl kit with the brand later this month.