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18th Aug 2021

Nicky Byrne confirms new Westlife album is coming in “2/3 months”


Nicky Byrne has confirmed that the new Westlife album should be released before the end of this year.

The star, who has been busy working on new music with fellow bandmates Shane, Cian and Mark, said today that the new album has been fully recorded and should be finished in “2/3 months.”

Sharing a photo of himself in his home recording studio, he said: “Recording our new album individually – and remotely from our homes has been one hell of an experience! Dogs Barking, doorbell going, WiFi dropping out to mention just a few, but we got there in the end!”

He went on: “Now fully recorded, it’s currently in the oven and cooking time is approx 2/3 months. We may open the oven door at some point to sample our brand spanking new single as a starter. In the meantime trust me – it’s starting to smell Devine!”

Byrne added that the working title for the new record is ‘BangersNSmash.’ You love to see it.

Westlife announced their 12th studio album earlier this year after revealing that they had parted ways with their long time label, EMI.

They also said that they had plans to embark on their “biggest ever world tour” in the near future.

“Due to a change of leadership and a breakdown of contractual negotiations, we have parted company with EMI Records by mutual consent,” they said in February.

“We enjoyed our time with the label and are very proud of the huge success we achieved together, including our no. 1 album Spectrum and were humbled to be the label’s biggest selling UK signed artist of that year.

“This change now allows us to embark on a very exciting new chapter. The next 18 months is shaping up to be our biggest yet, including a groundbreaking global partnership which we will be announcing imminently.”

Bring it on, lads. It’s time to save 2021.