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26th Aug 2014

Nick Cannon’s Dad Defends Son Against Cheating Claims

Is there more to the story?

It seems we weren’t the only ones shocked by the Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s separation, with Nick’s dad James Cannon denying his son ever cheated on Mariah.

Addressing the rumours, James said:

“Were temptations ever there with other women? Not for Nick, he genuinely loved the married life… But did that stop other women coming to him? Probably not. I know Nick tries really hard to stay focused and would say: ‘I’m with the most outstanding, gorgeous woman. I’ve hit the jackpot so why would I be with someone else?’”

According to Perez Hilton’s gossip site, James believes the couple suffered to the pressures of living in a long-distance relationship and believes the couple would be stronger if they worked on more projects together:

“If Nick could have somehow ran her business, or worked in conjunction with her, they would have been such a power couple in Hollywood. It’s difficult, but look at Beyonce and Jay Z… The love is always going to be there, but they just don’t have that quality of time.”

The comments come following rumours that Mariah wasn’t happy with Nick’s demanding work schedule.

James did hint that a reconciliation could be on the cards, stating the couple were together in his home only two weeks ago:

“[She] was at our home two weeks ago, talking and laughing… I’ve never seen them argue.”