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25th Jul 2012

More Holiday Drama for Rihanna as She Breaks Her Toe

Rihanna breaks a bone on her luxury holiday yacht.

Rihanna has broken a toe on her luxury holiday cruise on the Mediterranean.

The We Found Love singer is believed to have dropped a bottle on her toe while serving drinks to her friends on deck.

Rihanna at sunset on her luxury cruise

Rihanna told updated her Twitter account to share the news of her injury.

“Bartending last night, dropped a bottle, broke it, my foot is still bleeding,” she wrote.

The singer’s personal assistant posted this picture on Instagram and captioned it “It is not a vacation until someone breaks a toe!”

Rihanna’s broken toe

The Rude Boy singer has been holidaying in the South of France for the past few weeks and yesterday was rumoured to be canoodling with former flame Chris Brown on his luxury boat.

Rihanna on holiday with her friends can’t wait until Rihanna’s dramatic holiday comes to an end mostly because we are unbelievably jealous that we’re stuck here in the rain!