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21st Aug 2023

Molly-Mae increases security amid fears engagement ring will be stolen

Jody Coffey

Better safe than sorry.

Molly Mae-Hague has reportedly increased her security over growing fears that her engagement ring will be stolen.

She and her longtime love, Tommy Fury, celebrated their engagement last month in Ibiza, with the ring thought to be worth an estimated €1 million.

Molly, 24, who regularly vlogs her life, documented the experience for her YouTube channel, which has prompted the Filter By Molly-Mae founder to add more protection for her family.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, the Love Island legend is hyper-conscious of ‘flashing too much wealth’ since the couple had their home broken into in 2021.

The couple’s Manchester flat was broken into while they were at an event in 2021, and it was estimated that £800k worth of designer goods and jewellery were stolen.

Since then, she has divulged that she is spending ‘thousands and thousands of pounds a month’ to maintain security.

Molly and Tommy welcomed their first child in January of this year, a daughter named Bambi, which the source says is one of the main reasons for adding to their security detail.

The theft of Kim Kardashian’s £3.5 million, 20-carat second engagement ring is also part of the decision.

“She’s has always had security, but has upped it now especially now she always has daughter Bambi with her. Molly has seen what happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris and she recently doesn’t want to end up in a similar situation,” the source told the outlet.

“She loves sharing her life with her fans, but just knows she has to be careful.”


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One has to assume that Molly’s recent announcement that Tommy would be ‘temporarily’ moving out of the family home for training camp plays another factor in why she has decided to increase security now.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the former PLT Creative Director said: “Today is a little bit of a sad day in a way as Tommy has gone into his official camp today.

“He’s basically been in camp for the last few weeks but he’s gone into his camp where he has essentially moved out of the house for a long time actually.

“It’s probably going to be about two months that we’re not living together, that’s just the way training camp is.”

She added that this isn’t the first time Tommy has gone away for these training camps, but it’s much harder this time around as the two are now parents.

The 24-year-old continued: “But now he has Bambi here and as much as he would like nothing more than to stay at home for the next few months and train at home.

“The camp is so serious in a training camp and if there is one thing Tommy does, he takes it so seriously because it’s his job and it’s a really big deal.”

You can’t put a price on feeling safe!