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10th May 2023

Molly-Mae fans concerned after she deletes recent YouTube video

Clodagh McKeon

“Are people being mean again?”

Former Love Islander, Molly-Mae deleted her most recent YouTube video after uploading it late last night.

The new mum shared a behind-the-scenes look into boyfriend Tommy Fury’s twenty-forth birthday celebrations.

In the video, Molly shared her daughter Bambi’s bedtime routine and revealed that she’s feeling like herself almost four months after giving birth.

However, her fans are concerned about why she deleted the YouTube with many leaving comments on her last upload and recent Instagram asking if she’s okay.

Molly’s been subject to a lot of backlash from the “mom-police” since sharing her infant’s daytime and feeding routines and has previously said she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing that kind of information anymore.

Writing under Molly’s last YouTube video, one fan wrote: “Why can’t I watch your last video? Are people being mean again?

“Honest to god, can people just let you live as you wish.”

The same person added: “I hope everything is fine and don’t let other peoples’ opinions get to you.”

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Molly struggled to adapt to mom life

In the since-deleted video, Molly revealed that she’s feeling better after months of feeling “utterly flat”.

She said she’s editing her videos now and is noticing her old “bouncy” personality coming back.

Molly gave birth to baby girl Bambi in January and revealed ever since then, she’s been feeling “off” and has struggled to adapt to her new life as a mum.

She explained that up until recently, getting up in the mornings to face the same baby duties was getting her down.

She admitted that for a while, she didn’t know if she could keep going but said she didn’t have “baby blues”.

Thankfully, Molly’s feeling much better and seems very excited to jump into her regular uploading regime.

Molly-Mae has very loyal fans but unfortunately, of the 1.79 million YouTube subscribers and the 7.5 million Instagram followers, there’s bound to be some negative comments.

She’s received a lot of “nasty” comments from followers about how she chooses to parent three-month-old Bambi.

Comments on the star’s previous video critiqued her parenting with many people grilling her for not breastfeeding Bambi for long enough.

She addressed the deleted video

Taking to Instagram stories earlier today, Molly explained why she deleted her YouTube video after only uploading it last night.

She said: “I had to take it down because the audio and the video weren’t matching up.”

She reassured fans that the video will be up later tonight but that she’s “so annoyed” over the whole thing.

In all the confusion, fans are relieved to know she’s okay and it was just a minor technical issue.


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