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11th Aug 2012

Model Imogen Thomas Shares Scan Photo of New Baby

The Welsh model shares a photo of her first baby scan with her Twitter followers.

Model Imogen Thomas seems intent on sharing her pregnancy with her fans as she tweets a photograph of her first scan to her followers.

The Welsh glamour model tweeted a photo of the black and white scan straight after her appointment and wrote; “Our precious little baby” as a caption to the picture.

Imogen tweeted a photo of her first baby scan straightaway.

It seems Imogen is staying strong after she was subjected to abuse on Twitter following her pregnancy announcement. The star was bullied on the social networking site as followers insulted her, called her less-than-flattering names and joked if the baby was that of footballer Ryan Giggs.

This all followed her publicised affair with the Manchester United player last year.

Imogen admitted to suffering from a nightmarish year and was delighted with the news of her pregnancy with Aussie trader, Adam Horsley. The couple have been together for ten months.

Imogen told the Irish Sun at the time she couldn’t believe how happy she was.

“I can’t believe how happy I am,” she said.

“What happened last year was absolutely horrendous. I never thought I would find happiness again but finding love and then falling pregnant has transformed my life.”

And we are happy for you Imogen.