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09th Aug 2012

Miley Cyrus is Grateful That Her Drug Use Made Pharrell Williams Notice Her

Miley Cyrus has said that she is glad she was photographed smoking a questionable substance because it meant that producer Pharrell Williams noticed her and wanted to work with her...

Do you remember that time teen star Miley Cyrus was caught on camera smoking the psychedelic drug salvia back in December 2010? Immediately the internet went into overdrive suggesting that Miley needed rehab, STAT!

Now, however, a mere two years later, the singer has spoken out about the incident and said that she is thankful that she was caught. Why? Well because it made producer and N.E.R.D frontman Pharrell Williams want to work with her.

The Irish Daily Mirror reports that Miley has said she is grateful for the events that transpired because it made Pharrell want to set her “free” and work with her on her new album.

“It was magic. Pharrell said, ‘Don’t be offended because this is how I talk, but I thought, that b***h is actually living. She’s not sitting there with her Momager’s chain on her door. I want to free that b***h. I want her out of her cage,’” said Miley.

Poetic, isn’t it?

Miley and her husband-to-be Liam Hemsworth.

Anyway, Pharrell wasted no time in freeing Miley and since he did, she admits that the pair have become pretty good friends.

“I’d never worked like that before. I was talking to him like he was an older brother, and everything I said was going on to the track. I got in there with him and it was magic,” said Miley, speaking about Pharrell’s influence on her new album.

What do you think ladies? Should Miley be speaking so affectionately about her drug use?