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25th Aug 2023

Miley Cyrus has dedicated her new single to Sinéad O’Connor

Miley Cyrus has revealed that her new single is dedicated to the late Sinéad O’Connor.

Miley has spoken about her feud with the singer after she received an open letter from her 10 years ago.

Speaking in an ABC special that aired ahead of the singer’s new album Endless Summer Vacation, Miley spoke about how Sinéad pointed out the comparisons between Wrecking Ball and Nothing Compares 2 U videos.

The late singer was encouraged to write an open letter to the actress which was published on both her own website and in The Guardian.

Miley responded at the time by re-sharing Sinead’s tweets about seeking to locate a mental health treatment centre in Ireland but now feels much differently looking back on the incident.

“I had no idea about the fragile mental state that she was in, and I was also only 20 years old so I could really only wrap my head around mental illness only so much,” she said.

“And all that I saw was that another woman told me that this idea was not my idea. And even if I was convinced that it was, it was still just, you know, men in power’s idea of me.

“And they had manipulated me to believe that it was my own idea when it never really was. And it was. And it is. And I still love it.

“God bless Sinéad O’Connor for real, in all seriousness.”

When it came to the performance Miley was set to give, she began to sing her single Wonder Woman along with a message across the screen that read: “Dedicated to Sinéad O’Connor.”