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10th Feb 2018

Michaela Coel made her own dress for a movie premiere and it’s stunning

Keeley Ryan

It only took her two hours.

Michaela Coel showed off another one of her skills this week when she hit the red carpet in a dress she made herself.

The Black Mirror star was one of the guests at the Black Panther European premiere on Thursday night.

And her dress, a backless, halter-neck design with a vibrant red and blue print, looked absolutely gorgeous.

While many people were likely quick to figure that she was wearing a designer gown, it turns out that it was actually her own handiwork.

Revealing how she made the outfit on Twitter, she wrote:

“Last minute invite to WAKANDA, had 2hrs to ready myself.

“I had bought two of the same skirt from auntie who has the stall outside the pharmacy in Accra mall.

“I cut one skirt to make it into a top and sew da ting together into a dress.”

And people were absolutely floored by her resourcefulness.

One person wrote:

“Wait… So she’s slaying in an outfit she MADE in under 2 hours?! Impressed is an understatement.”

Someone else pointed out:

“Meanwhile on project runway this would have taken 12+ studio hours.”

Another Twitter user said:

“Me taking tips from this tweet to run off and create a SNATCHED look for myself.”