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11th Jul 2018

Meghan and Harry ordered a very Irish lunch in a Dublin café today

A couple after our own hearts.

Anna O'Rourke

Meghan and Harry ordered a very Irish lunch in a Dublin café today

As you may have heard, Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle were in Dublin today.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were here for just over 24 hours to take in the sights and sounds of the city, meet politicians, kiss babies and wave at dogs.


The pair worked up a serious appetite after a jam-packed morning of engagements and so rather than eat the sandwiches Kate Middleton had no doubt packed for them, they stopped at Delahunt on Camden Street for a bite to eat.

The pair enjoyed opted for a very Irish lunch there – a smoked salmon starter, followed by roast hake for Meghan and roast lamb for Harry.

Meghan also enjoyed a glass of Guinness, according to Delahunt’s Darren Free.

“It was great, it was a privilege,” he told The Independent.

“They were lovely. They asked about the building and the food.”

The couple stayed for an hour eating and chatting with the staff.

“It was supposed to be a quick drop-in,” added Darren.

“Harry’s priority was to get back for the match.”

The café is just around the corner from Harcourt Street haunt Dicey’s where Meghan once had a whale of a night out but sadly the royal couple didn’t choose to make a stop there.