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27th Jul 2018

Meghan and Harry have a fave TV show and we’re VERY surprised

Cathy Donohue

Say what?!

Since it was first announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were dating, they’ve received a huge amount of attention and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.

People want to know every single little detail from what they eat to what they wear to what they do in their downtime.

It turns out they’re totally normal and watch TV just like the rest of us but in saying that, we couldn’t have predicted the show they’re loving at the moment.

None other than The Voice Kids.

Yep, the royal couple met Donel Mangena at the Queen’s 92nd birthday celebrations back in April and told him how they loved his performances.

This was just before the final of the show and Harry said he was ‘a star of the future’.

Unsurprisingly, the 16-year-old was delighted with the feedback and during an appearance on Lorraine, he was only mad to talk about it.

Apparently, Harry told him that he and Meghan had been hoping he would win while the former Suits actress ‘screamed’ and ran up to give him a massive hug.

Donel was pretty chuffed with this, as you’ll see in the above video.

Can’t say we would have guessed that the royal couple were such big fans of the show but it’s refreshing to know that they’re so down to earth.